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"Breaking Bad"
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Release: January 2008
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Rate: 9.2/10
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Genre: Action Adventure Drama Mystery Sci-Fi
Release: October 2012
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Genre: Action Comedy Crime Drama Mystery Horror
Release: September 2003
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True Blood Add to playlist
"True Blood"
Genre: Drama Fantasy Mystery Romance Horror
Release: September 2008
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Criminal Minds Add to playlist
"Criminal Minds"
Genre: Crime Drama Mystery Horror
Release: September 2005
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"How I Met Your Mother"
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Degrassi: The Next Generation Add to playlist
"Degrassi: The Next Generation"
Genre: Drama Children's & Family Musical
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Game of Thrones Add to playlist
"Game of Thrones"
Genre: Adventure Drama Fantasy
Release: April 2011
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Revenge Add to playlist
Genre: Drama
Release: September 2011
Views: 6888 (10 votes)
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Desperate Housewives Add to playlist
"Desperate Housewives"
Genre: Mystery Romance Drama
Release: October 2004
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The Vampire Diaries Add to playlist
"The Vampire Diaries"
Genre: Romance Drama Horror Fantasy
Release: September 2009
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Supernatural Add to playlist
Genre: Horror Drama
Release: September 2005
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The Walking Dead Add to playlist
"The Walking Dead"
Genre: Action Horror
Release: October 2010
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One Tree Hill Add to playlist
"One Tree Hill"
Genre: Romance Drama
Release: September 2003
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Rate: 9.2/10
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Last 20 Shows Comments :

Plebs Plebs "P" Tv Shows
great soundtrack awesome show
very good tv show Scott & Bailey "S" Tv Shows
Just started watching this show a few days ago. The building they use for exterior shots for the police station is in my home town - Bury! It used to be a Barclays bank. I used to go in all the time! It's on Silver Street if you wanna Google map it
Good tv show Urban Tarzan "U" Tv Shows
its like a car wreck you want to look away but can some how the bad acting and everything else wrong with this show makes you want more
nice Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous "Z" Tv Shows
I fear we will read about his suicide or overdose soon. This is tragic and I'm embarrassed for him.
Rectify Rectify "R" Tv Shows
Wow, what an amazing program. It captures the noir essence of great southern classic literature and makes it fresh and new. It doesn't insult your intelligence, while at the same time its not pretentious. It also reminds me of my favorite Pearl Jam and Bob Dylan songs somehow. If you need action sequences and easy resolutions this show isn't for you. If you want something that will really make you think though, this show is a goldmine.
Peter Andre My Life Peter Andre My Life "P" Tv Shows
"Twunt" He embodies it all.
Very good Ben Earl Trick Artist "B" Tv Shows
Interesting show; but as the tricks get bigger and more elaborate, they're actually less impressive.
Nice Happy Endings "H" Tv Shows
'On April 3, 2013, it was reported that Sony TV, which produces Happy Endings, has approached a few networks about continuing the series, if ABC opts not to order a fourth season. USA Network has expressed interest, and has had discussions about picking up Happy Endings in case of a cancellation by ABC.'
great Chasing Tail "C" Tv Shows
Thank you uploader!
great tv show Rogue "R" Tv Shows
Show is awesome. Number one its great to see Oakland and San Josde rather than LA or New York, as most mob towns really are port cities. Number 2 it shows how these crews really operate. Its very very realistic as far as crime goes. And as a far as intrigue....Well its 9/10
Very good Ben Earl Trick Artist "B" Tv Shows
I see another Dynamo..etty cool stuff.
very good Defiance "D" Tv Shows
I was not sure what to expect from this. From the 10 minn trailer all I knew was that the alien girl looked hot (is it weird that I find an alien sexy?) and she sang well. However, the story progresses well, so we get a Eureka type beginning to the series and a through plot that could be very good: one of those you constantly want the protagonist to see through and catch the culprits while not wanting that simultaneously because that would mean the end of the series. Only problem I had with it, the 'invasion' did not seem to be well explained: were they subjugated? did they blend with the invaders? are they in hiding? Hope that will become clearer as it progresses
Hemlock Grove Hemlock Grove "H" Tv Shows
Excellent show lets hope they don,t cancel this one.
good episode Hemlock Grove "H" Tv Shows
lovin? all that is Hemlock Grove! sort of Twin Peaks meets True Blood? 8.5/10
was a really good Arrow "A" Tv Shows
episode 21 is out on 5.1. episode 22 is out on 5.8. and episode 13 is out on 5.15. At least that is how I saw it... If anyone has any other information please share
This is a really good episode All Access: Mayweather vs. Guerrero "A" Tv Shows
Yawn - boring old Mayweather, please god will someone knock his ass out for good!
good Hemlock Grove "H" Tv Shows
F*** this was amazing.
Defiance Defiance "D" Tv Shows
I see some potential here. Some people mentioned Terra Nova (which I absolutely hated)..Terra Nova was the worst on generic characterization and stereotyping. Let's hope for better on this one. Some layers. I like the lead badass and the teenagers seem more real than the whiners on Revolution and Terra Nova. Someone else said a mixture of Firefly and Deadwood.w that would be totally cool if they could pull it off and surprise us. Time will tell. It's a pretty good start.
Good tv show Scandal "S" Tv Shows
getting sick of the whole Mr. and Mistress thing but this is still The best show ever
Very good episode Upload with Shaquille ONeal "U" Tv Shows
is reality that boring that even reality is scripted? It's funny how a network who's motto is "Life Unscripted" But 85% of their shows is acting! Waste of time. Tosh.0 is the best out there site stats :
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